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We Deliver Talent to Deliver.



IDE-International joined forces with Bright Purple to expand the offerings of both organisations, bringing together a consulting & product business, with a professional talent delivery company to create an end to end solution .

Bright Purple have expansive networks developed over 25 years in the talent attraction industry and use advanced technologies, alongside traditional search to give the company access to exceptional talent on a global basis.  

The highly experienced, dynamic and knowledgeable team at Bright Purple provide advice and consultation on talent acquisition and management, as well as securing the required talent. Taking a modern approach to developing talent pools, sourcing and providing the very best people across Technology, digital and data Business Change and Transformation including Data Science, Cyber Security, Niche Development Skills and Enterprise Solutions.

Bright Purple has an excellent reputation for not only providing the very best people, but for the care and commitment they put into getting each project of work completed to the end customers satisfaction.

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Talent Delivery 


Permanent Recruitment

Hiring a permanent member of staff is a big commitment. The financial and organisational cost of getting it wrong can be significant. Whatever your hiring need is; one hire to a whole new team in a new location, we can work with you to provide a solution.

Bright Purple will:

  • Help you define your job opportunity by needs analysis
  • Identify the most relevant skill-sets to meet your business needs
  • Benchmark salaries and package
  • Write an attractive and accurate job and person specification
  • Target your competitors to secure the best hires
  • Help you have a clear vision of what ‘Talent’ looks like
  • Work with you to manage the end-to-end process, ensuring a successful and timely hire
  • Drive down the cost and time-to-hire


Contract Recruitment

Bright Purple are experts at providing clients with turnkey and bespoke contractor hiring and management solutions. Whether you need one resource to handle a spike in workload or to cover absences, or you need a whole project team including leaders, we can help you.

Our service is flexible, scalable and you only pay for the resources you use as you use them. We manage the entire hiring and administrative burden including contractor payroll, pre-employment screening, and compliance and contractor due-diligence.

We also provide you with valuable insights and reporting to maximise your investment and hiring budget, including resource planning and horizon scanning.

Retained Search

When you have a strategic or senior-level business-critical hire to make, you can’t leave anything to chance. Instructing multiple agencies may seem like a good idea, but it usually isn’t. We provide a carefully targeted, strategic and well- managed solution to find the right person with the right skills and attributes, whilst protecting your firm’s reputation and confidentiality.

A retained mandate is most effective and appropriate in a talent-short world when recruiting at operational or main board-level, or for a specific skill set that is essential to your business’ plans. We will work with you to make a plan and execute it. Our fee structure for retained work is flexible and budget friendly.

We never forget we both have a financial and reputational stake in the mandate and we will deliver. Our senior team at Bright Purple have a 100% completion rate for retained work.


Employer Services


Pre-Employment Screening

In a business world that is risk aware and risk averse, it is crucial you know exactly who you have hired. We help you mitigate your risk by thoroughly background checking everyone you hire.

Some industries demand mandatory pre-employment screening, whilst other employers will screen employees as best practice or for their own peace of mind. Whatever your requirement, we can conduct expert screenings in a timely and compliant manner across all regulatory domains.


Payroll Services

Running and managing a payroll service is time intensive.

You may have employees working in the UK or direct-hire contractors that would be a burden on your existing payroll run. We can provide a highly professional, accurate and compliant outsource service. We reduce your workload and administrative burden whilst making sure your valued employees are paid in a timely manner with all supporting documentation; payslips, P45s, P60s and P11Ds etc.



By selecting Bright Purple as your Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner, you can have peace of mind that your business has access to the very best talent available to meet your business challenges and hiring needs as well as cost efficiencies. The one-size-fits-all approach of large RPOs does not suit all organisations.

We work with you to design, deliver and manage an end-to-end process, platform and suite of reporting tools that works for you. This includes the technology, the processes, people and reporting tools to ensure you are winning ‘the War For Talent’ and enjoying strategic, cost benefits and efficiencies of an RPO relationship.

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