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Relying On Trust Is No Longer An option

Will you be compliant with GDPR by May 2018?

Do you offer goods or services to people in the EU ?

Do you monitor behaviour (including online activity) of people residing in the EU ?

Do you process personal data on EU residents on behalf of a company based in the EU ?

Do you know if you are compliant with GDPR regulations ?


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force May 28th 2018 and is an advancement and improvement to the 1998 Data Protection Act.

It is a single set of rules that apply to all EU member states.

“With a large number of stakeholders and complex data environment, PRIMED has simplified many of the GDPR challenges that we thought we would need to address individually.”

“Being able to govern a regulatory process, manage it and improve it within the same portal has made life a great deal easier both in execution and reporting."

"Being able to demonstrate clearly the status keeps everybody on the same page and removes a significant reporting overhead."

Relying On Trust Is No Longer An Option

GDPR introduces a number of elements that require companies to be able to demonstrate appropriate customer and employee data management and to manage the complex relationship of data across your customers, employees and suppliers. This means:

Evidence. Accountability.  Integrity.

PRIMED can help you do this analytically

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Understand how your business is doing with respect to GDPR compliance across different assets and processes. See where potential and actual breaches are occurring.

Regulatory Compliance Dashboard

Understand your regulatory risks and compliance at a glance across regulatory frameworks, assets and processes.

Maturity Assessment Analytics

Understand the maturity of your compliance against regulations today and on a projected basis over time.

Compliance Reporting

Quickly see the areas of compliance, non-compliance and risk across different regulatory frameworks and many dimensions and related entities in your business.


With the deadline for GDPR fast approaching, a common problem voiced by many large organisations is that of being able to capture and interrogate all the information in one place in a way that it will be easy to report, both internally and to the regulator.

The same issue also seems to be impacting the ability of many to clearly understand the gap to compliance as well as the timescales and remaining resources and costs required to achieve it. PRIMED helps address these issues.

  • PRIMED help executives to observe and update to a single version of the truth in the context of planning and process management.
  • PRIMED has a data model and all the necessary tools to establish and report on the alignment of accountability, to manage processes, plans, resources, contracts, risks and suppliers and all their inter-relationships in one place.
  • PRIMED has the ability to pivot in many ways, to aggregate costs and view dependencies and to provide visibility of the current status as well as the creation of new plan scenarios.
  • PRIMED gives the ability to allocate and manage remediation plans relative to processes, assets, suppliers and contracts all from the same data source.


PRIMED Benefits


Strategy & Governance

End-to-end oversight across company-wide processes, assets and suppliers and their compliance to GDPR’s Articles.

Cost and Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) from the perspective of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Accountability & Transparency

Single holistic view across all stakeholders.

Owner-specific views of the data associated to their sphere of accountability or responsibility.

Pivot across GDPR criteria against accountability owner, asset, process, supplier or contract.

GDPR Compliance

Processes, assets and suppliers can be collectively or individually viewed for their status against specific GDPR criteria.

Certificates of relevance and compliance can be tagged and validated to assets, processes suppliers or contracts.

Process Specification

Specific processes such as “Right to be Forgotten”, “72 Significant breach notification” or new process creation can be established, managed and reviewed within the audit-able framework.


Breach and Risk Management

Remediation Plans (with owners) can be attributed and managed directly.

Breach Management processes can be created in advance of specific incidents.

Breach incident tickets can be raised and tracked through the relevant breach management process(es).

Risks can be raised and managed by type, severity and association.

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