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Program Assurance.

Get Your Facts Straight.


Your real-time cross business management platform.


An integrated view of risks, status, finances, resources and dependencies.


Remove excessive manual updates, spreadsheets, slide decks and printouts.


Run your business stakeholder meetings virtually and with context at your fingertips.


Understand your optionality with multi-dimensional scenario analysis.



PRIMED provides companies with analytical tools to oversee and govern your strategic and business initiatives.

Real-time metrics, controls and insights across your strategic portfolio and investments.

PRIMED enables your business to effectively plan, govern, control and deliver your strategic vision and objectives.

Make more effective decisions by understanding your strategy, regulatory and business requirements, while using smarter analytics to surface important dependencies and relationships.

Better Planning

PRIMED enables your business to effectively plan, control and deliver their strategic vision and objectives.


PRIMED brings together strategy, regulatory and business requirements to enable effective decision making.

Control & Governance

PRIMED controls and governs the execution of your change.

Digital Portfolio Dashboard

Quickly see the status, risks, investments and budget across all of your portfolios of delivery.

Planning Workbench

Fully integrated view of all dimensions that go into planning and tracking your business initiative. See business case details, financial plans, resourcing, risks, assumptions, timelines, deliverables, dependencies, costs, and detailed status.

Business Case & Financial Planning

Develop business cases based on expected outcomes, benefits, risks, assumptions, costs and other financial projections.

Resource Management

Build up your detailed demand for resources across all of your portfolio, profiling the resource types, skills, certifications needed so that your resource manager can match to internal and external resource pools. Understand resource gaps, allocations and utilisation.

Real-time Paperless Risk and Status Reporting

Fed up of wading through powerpoint slides? Waiting too long for manual reports to be created? Want better transparency and auditing of actual deliver ? PRIMED lets all stakeholders access status in real-time, and makes your "weekly status" meetings completely online.

PRIMED Solves Key Business Challenges


 Real-time Status Reporting

Organisations with varying structures, scale and complexity spend the majority of their time reporting sideways to let each other know what they are doing. One recent study demonstrated that the project delivery function spent 73% of its time reporting, most of it sideways. We live in a digital age, status should no longer be a drawn out process – it should be ‘On Demand’.

PRIMED was built to enable individuals and teams in an organisation to see the status of project, the risks, issues and the financial representations instantly on multiple platforms in multiple formats.

No more ‘Short Memories’

Transparency drives accountability. Having the ability to see all the relevant data that determines the health and progress of a project, programme or portfolio is one thing, visibility of history is quite another.

PRIMED has configurable frameworks, reports and dashboards straight out of the box accelerating implementation and operationalisation to deliver the facts your business needs to monitor, manage and intervene. The more you store in a consistent structure the greater value you get from using history to determine your future. PRIMED spots trends and provides the platform for your business to drive accountability.

Optimal Over Acceptable

The dynamics involved in portfolio design and decision-making creates a significant challenge for organisations. Shareholder, political, personal, regulatory, competitor, financial and commercial factors all add to these complexities, often resulting in an ‘Acceptable’ prioritisation, not an ‘Optimal’ one. Then just for good measure throw in the ‘unexpected’, if there is any certainty the certainty is change.

PRIMED was built for this very purpose. Connect all the factors that illustrate the scope, value and alignment to your enterprise then use the scenario planning capability to show portfolio options that your leadership can choose with certainty on the impacts. Take away the doubt and uncertainty by aligning and visualising the outcomes.

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