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Strategy. Governance. Control.


Do you have full traceability of your strategic, regulatory and business requirements ?


Can you see how your investments align with your strategic objectives?


Are you able to see all the risks that are impacting your Key Performance Indicators?


Do you have real-time view of your compliance with regulatory and business requirements ?


How good are your controls over key business processes ?



PRIMED provides companies with analytical tools to oversee and govern your strategic and business initiatives.

Business Outcomes

PRIMED helps business executives get better transparency and control across their strategic initiatives and to understand how their investments and business outcomes align with strategic objectives.


Align investments with strategic objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Align business process change to strategic investments.


Real-time risk and change management.

Understand complexity and dependencies.

Integrated views across many business functions.


Evaluate end-to-end relationships between requirements, plans and outcomes.

Understand risk and delivery impacts across business-as-usual and change initiatives.

Understand strategic, regulatory and business requirements.

Strategy Dashboard

Quickly see how your strategic objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are being met across your investment portfolio.

Understand Risks, Challenges and Blockers

Track risks, issues and performance of your business workflows and processes. Understand where complexities, dependencies and blockers are causing delivery issues and negative impacts on strategic objectives.

Stakeholder Accountability

Model and control who is responsible and accountable for key business processes and tasks across your business workflow. Build out RACI matrices that are dynamic based on process steps and business functions assigned to those steps.

Strategic, Regulatory and Business Requirements

Having a holistic inventory of strategic, regulatory and business requirements lets executives make better decisions on priority, level of investment and risk. Understand the dependencies and risks associated with requirements and the effort and tasks required to fulfill them.

PRIMED Solves Key Business Challenges


 Business-Wide Alignment

The key to delivering a successful change portfolio if for the business strategy to be properly aligned and cascaded through the organisation. Only then can each line of business, department, stakeholder, function or project owner truly align their change to a strategic outcome.

PRIMED enables a strategic narrative to be created and for Divisional & Departmental objectives to be weighted and aligned to them. Each Project, Programme and Portfolio can then be attached to these outcomes. Pet projects are eradicated and prioritisation made more visual and representative of strategy.

Measuring For Success

The strategic narratives and objectives are only manageable if they are measurable. The creation of KPI’s and KRA’s are critical to managing and monitoring the health of a change portfolio and its alignment to the business reporting. For something so critical to managing success, it surprising how few organisations do it well.


PRIMED enables business to create and track KPIs that allow the expected outcomes from projects to be aligned to strategic objectives.The lineage between the change activity and the planned outcomes provides organisations with clear lines of accountability and transparency, provides traceability and measurable indicators of success.

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