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Transparency. Traceability. Control. Governance.

Transparency of regulatory compliance and risk exposure across the enterprise.

Traceability on how change investments drive compliance while aligning to strategic objectives.

Governance, control and accountability through a single version of the truth.

PRIMED is unique because it captures the details of critical data elements and their dependencies across regulations, policies, processes, assets, resources, suppliers, deliverables, requirements and risks. PRIMED enables stakeholders participate in a single version of the truth that is based on the certainty of data with reporting efficiency.

"PRIMED has helped my business align its change programme to our regulatory requirements."

"With the help of PRIMED we now have a clear path to GDPR compliance and can provide comprehensive reports to all business stakeholders who play a role in remediation."

"We were able to reduce email traffic by 99% across all of our business functions that are involved in our financial stress testing program."

"We have significantly reduced costs and overhead, while enhancing the value of our PMO through the delivery of real-time portfolio dashboard."

"PRIMED helped us to quickly save MILLIONS of dollars by removing a large percentage of the manual effort required to run our PMO. And even better, we improved our data quality and our controls in doing so. An incredible ROI all around."

PRIMED is ideal for Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Retail and other markets which are either highly regulated or need to undergo strategic transformation. We work directly with clients, strategic partners, consulting firms and advisors to help companies execute their initiatives in a data-driven and analytical way.


Financial Services

Helping Financial Services companies manage their strategic change initiatives, financial stress testing and regulatory process.


Helping Healthcare & Pharmaceutical companies with regulatory compliance and managing complex process improvements.


Helping Retail companies to manage merger integrations and drive enterprise-wide rationalization and change programmes.

Regulatory Compliance

Transparency of regulatory compliance and risk exposure across the enterprise.

> Understand external regulations and internal policies and their relationship
> Clear and data-driven approach to managing non-compliance
> Track risks and exposure of business processes, systems, and contracts
> Evidence-based audit and control
> Real-time risk management

Regulation Framework

PRIMED’s regulatory framework helps organisations build an inventory of external regulations, how they relate to internal policies and procedures, and understanding the relationships and dependencies between them.

Operational Runbooks

Model and manage operational processes (“RunBooks”), measuring their performance, identifying opportunities for change and opportunities to optimise these repeatable processes over time.

Financial Stress Testing

Better controls, compliance, productivity, transparency and risk management of financial stress testing processes such as CCAR, DFAST, Solvency II and others.


Better planning, evaluation, transparency, control and breach management for GDPR-regulated organizations.

Change Governance

Traceability on how change investments drive compliance while aligning to strategic objectives.

> Traceability of change investment to regulatory non-compliance
> Align change investments with strategic objectives KPIs
> Integrated risk and change management
> Manage cross-business initiatives with full transparency and accountability

Compliance and Change

Organisations are able to assess compliance, non-compliance and risks of business processes, assets and contracts in the context of regulations. Using non-compliance and risk to drive change, executives can understand how change will drive compliance while aligning to strategic objectives.

Better Governance

Executives can align investments and their benefits to strategic objectives and track the realisation of those benefits across projects, resources, costs and business impacts as well as the commercial frameworks that should be contracted.

Program Assurance

Governance, control and accountability through a single version of the truth.

> Data-centric approach to governance and control
> Efficient reporting and stakeholder accountability
> Do more with reduced headcount and lower costs
> Real-time integrated view of risk, status and change
> Optimize budgets and outcomes with scenario analysis 

Single Version Of The Truth

PRIMED provides more effective governance through a real-time single version of the truth of by bringing together important business process status, program status, resource and risk data into one integrated view.

Be More Effective

Users of PRIMED are able to realise significant reduction in costs and increases in efficiency by reducing manual effort, automating reporting and providing better controls.

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How do you manage the execution of your business strategy
across your operate and change initiatives ?

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Are you able to actively manage your risks and dependencies
across assets, processes, milestones and resources?

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How do you optimize your use of capital and reduce operating costs
across your run and change portfolio ?

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Do you have the analytical tools to do scenario planning
to deliver against multiple KPIs and business objectives concurrently ?

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Are you able to do comparative analysis
on budget and investment planning to fit your investment needs ?

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Can you trace supplier spend and utilization
to strategic initiatives and outcomes?

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